Enjoying The Life You Created

Enjoying Life

We spend so much time working hard that we forget to sometimes, just sit back, relax and enjoy the life we have created for ourselves.

There is definitely no shame is reaping the pleasures of life. In fact, relaxing and enjoying life is the very reason many of us became entrepreneurs was to design the type of lifestyle we wanted for ourselves. Its all about financial freedom.

Take a moment and just enjoy the Glam and Chic Life.

Drink Gourmet Coffee, laugh with friends and Enjoy the life you created.


Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is definitely close to my heart. I am a survivor of Domestic Violence and I am so blessed to be able to share my story with you. I endured many years of physical and verbal abuse at the hands of a man that claimed he loved me and would give me the world.

I learned all too well that everything that was given to me was paid with a price every time i was disrespected, put down and hit.

No one deserves to be made to feel less than a human being.

Lets stand together and stand against abuse. Lend a helping hand, and save a life today.

Please share your story.

Benefits Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant

Benefits Of Hiring A VA

There are many benefits of hiring a VA.

  1. Manage calendars and your schedule – While your busy with other work, your VA books appointments, sets up interviews, and completely manages your schedule. How nice would it be to just be able to check your calendar and all of your appointments and commitments are already all scheduled?
  2. Handles all correspondence– this means that your VA can take care of all of your emails and/or phone calls. They can make sure that the important information is seen by you, while all the “fluff” is handled so that you can achieve Inbox-Zero.
  3. Newsletter Preparation – if you are like every other super busy business owner, then you might have realized that marketing your own business often gets pushed to the end of your to-do list. Make sure that your business marketing remains a priority with the help from a VA. They are able to create newsletters and mailings so that your business remains front and center in your customers eyes.
  4. Invoicing – for most small business owners one of the tasks that comes with the trade is sending invoices. This along can be a huge time suck that you can outsource to a VA. They are able to create invoices, send them to clients, and follow up when necessary.
  5. Screens Guest Posts – If your business accepts guest blog posts, it can be a huge burden to consistently filter through all the requests and get the information that is need to feature a post. Let your Virtual Assistant handle this task so that you can stay on-top of these submissions.
  6. Create Blog Content – there are huge benefits in having a business blog. Make sure that you are taking advantage of these benefits by creating quality blog content – which can take time. Guess what? This is where a VA comes in handy! They can help brainstorm new ideas, draft blog content, and make sure that the blog is SEO optimized in order to help expand your reach in search engines.
  7. Keeps you on Deadlines – as busy as being self-employed can make us. It is so important to stay on top of important deadlines and tasks. A VA can help you stay on track so that you never need to miss another deadline again.
  8. Compiles Info – Perhaps you need to research a new client or find out all of the names of companies in your geographical location. Then allow your VA to compile this data for you, saving you your time.

Business Tip Friday

How To Attract Your Ideal Customer

Friday Business Tip:

How do you write content that connects with your audience? ?????????????????????? ?????????????????

That’s a tough one, right? I mean, it’s easy enough to talk about your business and what you’re working on with a friend over coffee and a bagels. But when you have to do it in writing, to someone on the other side of a page or a screen, it feels a lot more intimidating…. especially when you want them to get so excited that they take the plunge and hit the “Buy Now” button.

First 6 months of ny business I only had about 6 sales....(heartbreaking)


Once you know what your goal is, the challenge is to craft content that will resonate with your reader and get them ready to take whatever action you want them to take. In order to do that, your content should do a few things: 

1.It should anticipate what your reader will think and feel, and know how to capture their attention

2.It should build trust with you, positioning you as someone who understands them and can help them solve a specific problem or meet a specific need

3.It should compel them to take action

Apps For Business

My Appps

 Asana: Asana is my to-do list and my entire team’s to-do list goes directly into Asana. When I get tasks in my email, I just forward it directly into Asana. I actually go to sleep with ZERO emails in my inbox (which is lovely) because if it is a task, it goes into my to-do list in Asana.Then, I assign a due date to it, even something as simple as emailing someone back (because I have certain times in my week for doing things like that).If it is a task someone else can do, I assign it to them. I have decided to be 100% digital when it comes to my to-do’s. I write my goals down for the year and for the week but when it comes time to actually reminding me that I have a task due, I like to rely on automation and technology instead of me remembering it. If I have a task due, Asana will actually send me an email. How cool is that! 

App 2

  Timetrade: If you are starting any sort of service business where you will need to schedule calls to talk with potential clients or partners or if you just want to do some networking calls to grow your business once per week, get a Timetrade account now.This handy time management tool allows other people to book appointments on my calendar without me ever being involved. Yay for automation! I got away with not having an assistant for a long time when I just started my business just by using this tool. It never fails when I don’t use this tool, something gets mixed up with time zones or someone forgets 

Final App

  RescueTime: If you think you can be more productive, you definitely want to have RescueTime spy on you for a little while. It actually tracks what you are doing on your computer and can give you a time management report telling you where you are wasting time. 

Talk About It


GRL PWR! I guess that is a widespread word being used across the world today. But Lets face it, Girls Rule! It is important as women to stand together and unite in our daily lives as well as business. so much can get accomplished if we unite, support and empower each other as women.

One can not stand together unless they agree. I have seen so many of us that feel we have to compete in the business industry rather than just support each other. I completely believe in GRL PWR and empowering other women. Boss Chic Crate customize her products to empower and uplift women.

lets Continue to rule the world one woman at at time.


We are so excited to be finally adding posts to our blog and keeping you ladies inspired and motivated. I am so smiling from ear to ear right now. Got a topic you want to discuss, please feel free to email us your request.

You Are Awesome

You are so full of awesome sauce and I appreciate you for visiting us here ate Boss Chic Crate.....

Boss Chic News

Boss Chic Crate News

Boss Chic Crate will be adding new products to our website weekly, and we promise to bring you stylish and customer worthy products.

We are excited to announce that we now offer Gold, Silver and Hot Pink colored coffee mugs and Boss Chic Canvas prints.



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